Waisman researcher Richard Davidson graces the cover of the winter 2004 issue of the Wisconsin Academy Review magazine.

The article, “The Science of Happiness,” showcases Davidson’s research on the brain mechanisms that underlie emotions. In particular, Davidson has worked with Buddhist Monks, including the Dalai Lama, to document how meditation affects individuals both physically and mentally. Davidson’s lab at the Waisman Center uses state-of-the-art brain imaging technology to trace the emotional geography of the brain. Recent research from Davidson’s lab suggests that individuals can harness their emotions to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Wisconsin Academy Review is the only magazine in the state to highlight contemporary Wisconsin thought and culture. Writers from all walks of life contribute articles, essays, fiction, and poetry to the Review, which has been called Wisconsin’s version of Smithsonian magazine.

The Review has been published quarterly since 1954 and is distributed throughout the United States and beyond.