Lawrence Shriberg Selected for ASHA Award

Lawrence Shriberg has won the Alfred K. Kawana Council of Editors Award for 2004 from the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association. “The award recognizes a sustained history of exemplary publications. It is awarded to a scholar whose journal articles are meritorious in terms of educational, scientific, or clinical value … and whose contributions extend over a period of at least 10 years.”

According to Marc Fey, Chair of the ASHA Publications Board, the award is a career achievement award, the highest offered to contributors to ASHA’s journals by any element of ASHA’s Publications Program. Although Dr. Shriberg is the 2004 recipient, the award is not offered every year. It has only been received by those who are inarguably among the finest scientists in the speech, language, and hearing fields.

Shriberg’s research at the Waisman Center focuses on young children who have speech disorders of unknown origin. The goals of his research are to understand the etiological origins of such disorders and to develop assessment and treatment methods that help parents and professionals make the best clinical decisions for their children. Some examples of Shriberg’s etiological research include studies in the molecular genetics of speech disorder, speech disorder associated with middle ear disease, speech disorder within the autistic spectrum, and childhood apraxia of speech.