Explaining Down syndrome to children: Book by Waisman Center parent

Waisman Center Communications

47 Strings: Tessa's Special CodeWhen Becky and Dan Carey’s daughter Tessa was born in 2011 with Down syndrome they wanted to share her diagnosis with their seven-year-old son in an age-appropriate way. The Careys initially posted a heartfelt video on YouTube describing how extra genetic material on Tessa’s 21st chromosome made her different. That video inspired a recently published hardcover book (Little Creek Press, 2012) for children titled 47 Strings: Tessa’s Special Code.

“This book is a love letter to our children and I hope it helps express our belief that we can all celebrate our differences—whatever they may be—and love unconditionally,” writes Becky Carey.

According to Waisman Center Down Syndrome Clinic providers Jess Scott Schwoerer, MD and Jody Haun, MS, CGC, “Down syndrome is the most common genetic disorder. It occurs in approximately one in 800 births in the United States.” Included in 47 Strings is an explanation of the cause of Down syndrome and the characteristics of the disease.

Recently, the Friends of the Waisman Center purchased copies of Carey’s book to be given to all children who are diagnosed and treated in the Down Syndrome Clinic and their families.

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