Cap Times’ Evjue Foundation distributes $1 million to UW, area nonprofits

Checks totaling more than $1 million have been sent to 74 area nonprofits and to 17 project managers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by The Evjue Foundation, the charitable arm of The Capital Times.

Included in the grants, announced Wednesday by foundation President John H. “Jack” Lussier, is $258,000 to the university, including $40,000 to the Waisman Center to help reduce its long waiting list of autistic children.

The 74 community nonprofits shared in $822,000 grants voted on recently by the Foundation’s 15-member board of directors. Included is a $50,000 gift to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services toward its new building project, $75,000 for the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission that goes to worthy school and youth projects throughout the county and $25,000 to the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools to support special projects in individual classrooms.

Grants to the Waisman Center include:

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center — $6,000 to assist a research program designed to determine the mechanisms by which chronic stress contributes to the development of inflammatory response in asthma.

The Waisman Center Clinical Services — $40,000 to help with the cost of increasing the capacity of the center’s clinical services staff to serve families who are on the waiting list for autism evaluations.