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The Waisman Center is committed to providing high-quality services to children with cerebral palsy and their families. CP is the most common cause of severe motor disability in children. Up to one-half of children with CP may have a co-occurring intellectual disability. Research suggests that 60 percent of children with CP have communication problems, yet many do not receive appropriate interventions until they experience significant communication challenges.

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Cerebral Palsy News

  • MRI scan of a typically developing infant brain

    Understanding Recovery and Development in Children

    Early interventions in children with cerebral palsy can be pivotal to improving motor and cognitive outcomes. The focus of this study is to longitudinally assess, over the first two years of life, the recovery and development of the infant brain after early stroke or brain bleed.

  • Sebastian and Charlotte Sundly Cerebral Palsy Clinic Covid Masks

    Waisman CP Clinic strikes a balance

    Twins Sebastian and Charlotte Sundly are quite the contrasting pair, yet they balance one another out perfectly in some interesting and unexpected ways.

  • Ludell Swenson collage

    Remembering Ludell Swenson

    A peek into a collection of newspaper clippings about Ludell Swenson reveals the life of an extraordinarily accomplished person: marathoner, competitive tournament bowler, outspoken social services advocate. But what stands out the most is his …

  • Aug Comm system

    Study offers first look at how children with cerebral palsy develop language skills

    By Adityarup “Rup” Chakravorty A new study of children with cerebral palsy could help ease the speech and language challenges many of these children face as they get older. Published in the journal Developmental Medicine …

  • Katherine C. Hustad, PhD

    Research tackles communication disorders in kids

    It has been said that communication is the essence of human life. In fact, our ability to communicate an unlimited number of thoughts and ideas separates humans from all other creatures.

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Resources & Services

Resources & Services

Research Participation | 800.965.9205; 608.263.5192; registry@waisman.wisc.edu; Participate in Research
The Waisman Center’s Research Registry links individuals and families to research projects at the Waisman Center. The Waisman Center maintains a confidential registry of families and individuals who would like to be contacted about upcoming research projects. Enrollment in the Research Registry does not obligate an individual or family to participate in any study.

Community Outreach for Children with Challenging Behaviors | 608.265.9438; cow.waisman.wisc.edu/ties
Community Training, Intervention and Evaluations Services (TIES) is an outreach program for children and adults with developmental disabilities who present various challenging behaviors, including withdrawal, aggression and self-injury. The mission of Community TIES is to address behavioral, psychological, and emotional needs using therapeutic approaches that insure continued participation in the community. TIES provides counseling, crisis response, psychiatric consultation, parent education and support, and training for personnel and program consultation in local human service agencies. Directed by Josh Lapin, MSW, and funded by Dane County, this program maintains an active caseload of approximately 250 children and adults in Dane County.

Well Badger Resource Center | 800-642-7837; text: (608) 360-9328; help@wellbadger.org; https://www.wellbadger.org/
When you have questions about health and social services, figuring out where to go when you need help can be overwhelming. We’re here to make it easier. Well Badger Resource Center is your one-stop connection to community, social, health, and government programs — a place to find what you need, when you need it.