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Do you need a website for a UCEDD project? 

This page is for UCEDD staff who plan to develop a website for a project or other use.

Please contact Linda Rowley at rowley@waisman.wisc.edu to with questions.

Getting Started

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To request a site complete the following:

1. Website Request Form

2. User Agreement

Guidelines Introduction

These guidelines were developed to provide UCEDD staff with information on both best practice and required elements for UCEDD related websites.  This includes required information, design features and suggestions. The goal is to provide visitors with accessible, quality websites with design themes and content requirements with a seamless experience.

UCEDD staff who plan to develop a website for a project or other use. Most of these specifications will be specific to WordPress. If you are planning on using another platform, please contact Linda Rowley at rowley@waisman.wisc.edu.

If the project is a part of a multi-agency group: If your participation is part of a group effort and the site is part of another agency website, please use language, logos and links developed for this purpose. These specific guidelines are in development. Contact Linda Rowley at rowley@waisman.wisc.edu with questions.


Websites will follow federal and University of Wisconsin Madison accessibility guidelines. See existing resource on accessibility: https://ucedd.waisman.wisc.edu/ucedd-resources/web-accessibility-guidelines/

Additionally, we encourage Waisman-related websites to be usable to visitors with low literacy. Use of photographs, videos, and plain language can help improve the experience for these visitors. The Waisman Communications team can help with photographs and consult about video usage.

Child theme

The Waisman Center child theme includes Waisman Center reflex blue plus the Waisman Center circle logo. This will be added to your WordPress site when it is set up.

View: Waisman Child Theme

Site Icon

The Waisman Center site icon will be used. This will be added to the site during setup.

View: Site Icon


We use the AP Style Guide for developing content.

Issues related to style:

When to use people-first versus identity-first language – Contact Waisman Center Communications with questions

Other style resources: UW Marketing (UMark) publishes an online guide:
Editorial Style Guide from UW Marketing: https://editorial-styleguide.umark.wisc.edu/

These are some links to specific areas of the style guide that you may find helpful:

These are some links to specific areas of the style guide that you may find helpful:

Project Information

Basic project information to be included on your website homepage:

  • Brief project abstract or mission statement for the research, service, capacity building or training goal Funding information (who is funding the project)
  • Project Timeline
  • Contact person
  • Email
  • If applicable:
  • Link to Products/ Resources/Publications/newsletters/News/Events/Collaborators/Related links/ section curriculum including the videos and handouts/photos

Website Updates

Expectation on Website Updates

All websites need to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the website content is accurate.

Contact Linda Rowley to discuss the website plan (e.g., bi-yearly schedule for updates; who will provide updated content; who will update the site; who will review style and accessibility).

New content, changes and deletions should be added to the website when identified.

In addition, your website should be reviewed at least twice yearly:

  • Identify and fix broken links
  • Review documents to ensure links to the documents work, ensure documents are still relevant to the site, and that the most recent version is available.
  • Staff listing is accurate and up-to-date
  • Review sections with developing and emerging information (events, news, blog, publications, etc.) to ensure content to regularly developed. For example, if you have a blog, ensure that you are posting on a regular (once per week, biweekly, etc) basis.

Plan for website when project ends (i.e., delete website)



From WiscWeb: We want to make sure that everyone is able to easily navigate your websites but understand that not everyone knows what this means or how to make their sites more accessible. Here are a few links that will get you started in the right direction:

McBurney Disability Resource Center

Accessibility How To’s from DoIT

Word Wide Web Accessibility Policy

Additional Web Accessibility Tools


A collection of digital photos that depict the UW Madison campus, its various events, and its people. The high resolution photos are able to be downloaded in the original dimensions or the following sizes: 4800px (x-large), 2400px (large), 1200px (medium), or 600px (small). Photos can also be saved in a “lightbox” to be shared with co-workers and project teammates. A robust search tool allows users to easily find photos based on keywords and other parameters.

Campus Photo Library

Other Sources:

Unsplash:Free Images & Pictures