Imaris Image Visualization and Analysis Software

Imaris Software by Bitplane

Imaris is uniquely suited to load and stably handle large (multi GB) 3D/4D data sets from a variety of raw microscopic file formats. Imaris offers a wizard-driven interface and ‘modules’ optimized for efficient workflows avoiding trial-and-error. It also provides the ability to segment hundreds/thousands of objects in a true 3D space with interactive 3D previews during the creation process. After completion of the object identification/segmentation Imaris again provides an interactive environment for working with the resulting objects. Users can select, sort, and group objects with instant visual feedback within the 3D rendering.

We have the following Imaris modules:
Measurement Pro adds geometric and intensity measurement capabilities to the program. Objects can be color-coded based on a calculated parameters defined within a selected voxel group such as intensity values, angles, and distances. Masks can be created to include or exclude regions of interest.
Imaris Coloc module is a powerful colocalization analysis tool quantify and document co-distribution of multiple stained biological components.
The Cell module can simultaneously segment multiple objects at once. For example, cells can be detected using a membrane label and worked together as a group.

The FilamentTracer module uses multiple algorithms to allow for the automatic, semi-automatic, and manual tracing and editing of filamentous objects and cells (e.g. neurons). The lengths, diameters, and branching characteristics of the objects can be calculated from these tracings.

Imaris Track and Imaris Lineage modules offer several tracking algorithms to follow objects detected in a user’s time lapse images. Algorithms are available for randomly moving objects and those with directed motion. The Reference Frame object was recently added to Imaris for aligning 3D images through time.

Imaris Batch allows for processing and analysis of multiple 2D/3D plus time images in batch mode.

The Vantage module plots measurements generated by Imaris (or other software via the XT interfacing module) in 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, or 5D allowing for immediate interpretation of quantitative data without the need to export the values out of Imaris.
Imaris’ XT module offers several unique features. Plug-in XTensions offer new measurements, new ways of identifying objects, and various other image processing tools. This module also provides for 2-way interfacing with multiple programming languages.