Leica Stellaris 8 Confocal

Leica Stellaris 8 Confocal microscope micrograph


  • Epifluorescence light source plus monochrome camera for widefield imaging
  • 405 nm diode laser plus the White light Laser (any fluorescence excitation wavelengths between 440 and 790 nm)
  • HyD detectors (3 S’s and an X)
  • Continuous Zoom (0.75x-48x)
  • Super Galvo Z stage
  • Bidirectional Galvanometric and Resonance scanheads
  • Incubator for live imaging
  • Objectives: 5x/0.15 NA Air, 20x/0.75 Air, 25x/0.95 water, 40x/1.1 Water, 63x/1.2 Water, 63x/1.4 oil
  • Live super-resolution deconvolution mode ‘Lightning’ (pinhole adjustment plus deconvolution)
  • Tausense (ability to register average photon lifetimes, Tau Contrast, Tau gating, Tau separation)
  • Software Modules: Navigator/FRAP/FRET/Dye Finder

Users: please remember to use #1.5 coverslips (0.17mm)

Microscope Platform (Leica DMI8 CS, 2023)

  • Fully motorized stage for optimized for tiling and navigation
  • Super Galvo Z stage (500 nm movement)- especially good for live imaging
  • Leica Automatic Focus Correction (AFC)
  • Widefield imaging: LED 3 (LED 405, GFP, TXR), Brightfield (DIC, polarized)
  • Monochrome camera ScMos 2048×2048 (6.5 um x 6.5 um pixel)
  • Stage platform compatible with plates, slides, dishes

Objectives (additional optical zoom from 0.75-48x, DIC on high NA objectives):

Objective Magnification Numerical Aperature (NA) Immersion Media Working Distance Objective type Primary Use
5x 0.15  Air 13.7 mm HC PL Fluotar All samples, navigation
20x 0.75 Air 0.62 mm HC PL Apo All samples
25x 0.95 Water 2.4 mm HC Fluotar VISIR Live, organoids
40x 1.1 water Pl Apo correction Collar Live
63x 1.2 Water 0.3mm Pl Apo correction Collar Live
63x 1.4 Oil (F) 0.14 Pl Apo All Samples

Confocal Excitation Light Source(s):

  • Near UV laser diode laser at 405nm
  • White light laser — ANY wavelength from 440nm – 790nm. Up to 8 lines at once with 8nm spacing

Confocal Emission Detection (between 410nm and 850nm)

  • 3 x large dynamic range Leica Detectors (HyDSs)
  • 1 hybrid GaAsP/PMT (HyDX)
  • Transmitted light detector with DIC polarizers for 20x, 40x, 63x objectives
  • Modifiable greyscale output (8, 12, 16 bit grayscale)
  • Tau-sense addition to time gates allows for software-assisted separation of dyes based on fluorescence lifetime in addition to wavelength