Molecular Devices Nano High Content Screening

Operetta Platform

  • Fully automated widefield fluorescence and brightfield imaging system
  • Excitation and emission filter wheels (dichroic filter wheel matched to excitation bands)
Excitation Filter Wheel Excitation, nm Emission Filter wheel Emission , nm
UV 360-400 Blue 410-480
Blue 460-490 Green 500-550
Green 520-550 Red 560-630
Red 590-640
Far Red 620-640 Far Red 650-760
  • CCD Camera Detector (1360 x1024 pixel)
  • 300 W Xenon Lamp (360-640 nm continuous spectrum)
  • High resolution scanning stage (150 nm mechanical xy resolution)
  • Live Cell Incubation chamber (with temperature and C02 control)
  • Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Laser based Auto-focus
  • Many Magnification options
Magnification Immersion Media Working Distance (mm)* NA Field of View, um2
2x-long None 6.2 0.08 2.7-4 mm
10x-long None 10 0.3 1351 x 1017
20x-long None 6.6-7.8 0.45 675 x 509
40x-long None 2.7-4 0.6 336 x 254
40x-high NA None 0.29 0.95 338 x 254
  • Designed to work with microscope slides, and nearly all plastic plate forms although glass bottomed (no 1.5 coverslip) low skirt multiwall plates work best.

Operetta Software: Harmony

  • Designed for multi-user and multi-department environments
  • Does not require computer programming or in depth knowledge of microscopy to operate
  • Easy to use database of analytical features (texture analysis, cell tracing, emission quantitation, pattern recognition)
  • Ready made solutions are easy to adapt to individual user needs
  • Built in data management
  • Data is stored as universally compatible OME TIFF files
  • It is easy to streamline data migration to Columbus Database Server
  • Volocity- 3D and 4D acquisition software is available for visualization and analysis.

Columbus Scope Server

  • Independent image storage, management, and high performance analysis server system
  • Images from any other microscope or high content screening system can be imported into Columbus for analysis
  • Statistically significant, quantitative and multi-parametric data can be generated from input images
  • Users have desktop access to data and analysis