Molecular Devices Nano High Content Screening

Nano HCFS Platform

New in 2021, The Molecular Devices Nano High content screening system combines fully automated image collection (fluorescence and brightfield) with image analysis software to perform high throughput data analysis on cultured cells. The ‘microscope in a box’ platform is designed to be used with 96 or 384 well plates and uses a fully automated high-resolution stage to capture large fields of view (an entire well of a 384 well plate can be imaged at 4x) or smaller fields of view using fluorescence or transmitted light. High speed autofocus enables fast and consistent focusing across the plate. Live cells can be imaged with the environmental control chamber.

Available Magnifications (high NA Objectives):

Magnification Type Immersion NA Working Distance (mm)
4x Plan Apo AIR 0.2 20
10x Plan Fluar AIR 0.3 16
20x Plan Fluor ELWD AIR 0.45  8.2-6.9 (CC)
40x Plan Fluor ELWD AIR 0.6 3.6-2.9 (CC)
60x Plan Fluor ELWD AIR 0.7 2.6-1.8 (CC)

Fluorescence Filter Sets:

Channel Recommended Fluorophores Excitation, nm Dichroic, nm Emission, nm
“Blue” Dapi/Hoechst/AF405 377/50 (Violet) 409 447/60 (Blue)
“Green” GFP/FITC/AF488 474/27 (Blue) 495 525/45 (Green)
“Red” TRITC/RFP/DsRed/TdTomator/PI/Rhodamine/AF546/AF555 543/22 (Green) 562 593/40 (Red)
“Red” Texas Red/AF568/AF594/Cy3.5/Mitotracker Red 562/40 (Green) 593 624/40 (Red)
“Far Red” Cy5/AF633/AF647/TO_PRO-3 628/40 (Red) 660 692/40 (Far Red)

Analysis Modules (using MetaXpress Image Analysis Software):

Count Nuclei Application Module, Multiwavelength Cell Scoring Module, Neurite Outgrowth:
Translocation, Transfluor, Live/Dead Application Module, Custom Module Editor