Down Syndrome Day with the Experts Archives

Beginning in 2010, this collaboration with the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin-South Central (DSAW) — formerly the Madison Area Down Syndrome Society (MADSS) — and GiGi’s Playhouse Madison, focuses on sharing knowledge about Down syndrome across the life course, from research using stem cells to the latest standards of care. A panel of experts made up of individuals with Down syndrome and their family members share insights and information.

Document and Video Archive

2023 | Program & Schedule (pdf)

“Lifestyle and Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome” 
Sigan Hartley, PhD, Professor, Human Ecology and Waisman Investigator
Video | PowerPoint
“The Future of Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome”
Brad Christian, PhD, Professor, Medical Physics and Psychiatry, Associate Director, Waisman Center
Video | PowerPoint
“The Road to Adulthood: A Brief Exploration of Youth to Adult Transition”
Julie Hajewski, MSN, A-NP, APNP, Wisconsin Youth Health Transition Initiative, Provider Education &
Amy Lyle, MSSW, Senior Clinical Social Worker, Clinic Coordinator, Down Syndrome Clinic
Video | PowerPoint
Community Panel

2022 | Program & Schedule (pdf)

“Positive Behavior Strategies to Support Individuals with Down Syndrome Across the Lifespan”
Martha Walter, PhD, Psychologist,
Co-Director, Waisman Down Syndrome Clinic
Video | PowerPoint
“Behavioral and Cognitive Profiles in Down Syndrome Across the Life Course”
Sigan Hartley, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Ecology and Waisman Investigato
Video | PowerPoint
Community Panel

2021 | Program & Schedule (pdf)

“What’s New? Medical News for People with Down Syndrome and their Families”
Maria Stanley, MD, Director, Waisman Center Clinics
Kayla Kristensen, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Waisman Center Clinics
Kimberly Arndt, MD, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, SMPH
“Down Syndrome Research Roundup”
Anita Bhattacharyya, PhD, Assistant Professor, Cell & Regenerative Biology | PowerPoint(pdf)
Bradley Christian, PhD, Professor, Medical Physics & Psychiatry | PowerPoint (pdf)
Sigan Hartley, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Ecology | PowerPoint (pdf)
Ruth Litovsky, PhD, Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders | PowerPoint (pdf)
Community Panel

2020 | Program & Schedule (pdf)

Be INCLUDEd: Waisman BioLibrary and How You Can Join the Effort to Advance Knowledge
About Down Syndrome
Qiang Chang, PhD
Maria Stanley, MD
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Let’s Get Movin’! Expanding the “How To” in Your Toolbox to Make Activity and Participation
Meaningful and Feasible
Jaclyn Bender, OTR/L
Lindsey Stanek, DPT
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Resources: Balance, Core, Coordination (pdf) | Bike Resources (1) (pdf)
Transition Ready! Moving from Child to Adult Health Care
Julie Hajewski, MSN, ANP, APNP
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)

2019 | Flyer

Video – View the entire Day with the Experts: Down Syndrome 2019
Co-occurring Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Risk Factors, Research, and Resources
Lindsay McCary, PhD
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease: Defining a Pathway Toward Prevention
Bradley Christian, PhD
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Take a Peek! Video Modeling and Video Instruction: A Power Tool for Learning Stuff!
Elizabeth Delsandro, MS, CCC-SLP
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)

2018 | Flyer

Maximizing Gains Toward Communication Goals: Putting the “Fun” in Functional Speech and Language Therapy for Individuals with Down Syndrome
By Kayla Kristensen, MS, CCC-SLP
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Alzheimer’s Disease: Aging and Down Syndrome
Sigan Hartley, PhD
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Enhancing Mealtime Participation for your Child with Down Syndrome
Sharon Gartland, OTD, OTR/L
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)

2017 | Flyer

Where is My Child? Safety at Home and When Traveling
Amy Lyle, MSSW and Julie Hajewski, APNP
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
When Young Adults Turn 18: Considerations for Supported Decision
Elizabeth Hecht
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Eating to Make A Difference: Why Nutrition Matters for Individuals with Down Syndrome
Matthew Rasberry, RD, CNSC
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)
Supporting Youth with Down Syndrome During Puberty
Susan Heighway, MS, PNP-BC, APNP
Video | PowerPoint (pdf)


Good Things to Know Seminar | 1/26/17
Toilet Training: Setting You Up for Success (pdf)

2016 | Flyer

Navigating the Journey: The Transition to Adulthood
By Maria Stanley, MD, and Erin Thomson, LCSW
Video | Presentation Handouts (pdf)
Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome
Brad Christian, PhD
Video | Presentation Handouts (pdf)
Enabling a Full Life: Participation at Home and in the Community
Sharon Gartland, OTD, OTR/L
Video | Presentation Handouts (pdf)