Applied Biosystems ViiA7 High Productivity Real Time PCR System


  • Block change from front of instrument in less than 1 min; no secondary tools required
  • Supported Applications Standard curve, Comparative Ct, Genotyping, Presence/Absence, HRM, Melt curve
  • Temperature Uniformity ±0.5°C, within 30 sec of reaching temperature set point
  • Run Time ~35 min for 96/384-well blocks, using Applied Biosystems® Fast Master Mix
  • Supported Blocks and Volume 96-well standard (10–100 μL reactions)
  • 96-well Fast (10–30 μL reactions) • 384-well (5–20 μL reactions)
  • TaqMan® Array Micro Fluidic Cards (~1 μL reactions)
  • Demonstrated Sensitivity Down to 1 copy • Excitation/Detection Wavelengths 6 excitation (450–670 nm)
  • 6 emission (500–720 nm) • Dynamic Range Up to 9 logs of linear dynamic range
  • Resolution Detect as little as 1.5-fold changes in target quantities in singleplex reaction
  • 21 CFR p11 Enablement Security, auditing, and eSigniture features for instrument data
  • Automation Includes plate-loading arm w/ barcode (Sales, service, and support provided by Life Technologies)
  • Remote Notification Emails user when run is started, stopped, or aborted
  • Data Export Format Fully configurable by user

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