Azure 500 Phosphorimaging System

  • Image Resolution: 9.1MP cooled CCD camera (40 micron resolution)
  • Maximum Field of View: 22 cm x 15 cm
  • Image output: 16-bit tiff or jpeg

Illumination specifications:

Excitation Emission
Illumination  Light Mode Excitation Wavelength Filter Name Emission wavelength Applications
Trans UV UV Transilluminator 302 nm Orange 595 595 nm ± 55 nm Coomassie Blue, SYPRO Orange, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green, GFP, AF488
365 nm
EPI Blue LED-Blue 472 nm
EPI NIR Laser 685 nm IR 680 735 ± 28 nm IR 680, Licor 700, AF680
Laser 784 nm IR 800 832 ± 37 nm IR 800, Licor 800


Imaging modalities based on light source selection:

UV 302 transillumination: For dyes that are UV excitable (No EtBr please)

UV 365 transillumination: For cutting bands out of gel (No EtBr please)

EPI Blue: For dyes excitable in the “blue light” range (SYBR green)

Visible: For dyes that do not require additional excitation- will require Orange Tray

ChemiLuminescence: will require chemitray (black tray inside door)

Near Infrared (NIR): For Western blots labeled with NIR dyes: will require chemitray (black tray inside door)

Custom: You can modify the focus, exposure, light source, and use these in combination to create your own custom capture settings.