UW LINK Study (Li and Travers)

UW LINK StudyChildren between 4-7 years old with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder are invited to participate in our new study about autism and ADHD. Families will be asked to visit the Waisman Center once per year for three years. During these visits, a parent completes a clinical interview and questionnaires about their child, while their child completes cognitive assessments and an MRI brain scan. Both parent and child will be asked to provide a saliva sample. In-person study activities total 4 hours in the first year and can be broken into multiple visits. In Year 1, families will receive up to $120 for completed participation. Mileage reimbursement and travel support are available as well.

To learn more, visit: UW LINK Study

PIs – James Li and Brittany Travers
Keywords – ADHD, Autism, Infant & Child Development, Brain Imaging/Neuroimaging