Annual Report 2019

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The pages of this year’s annual report highlight how we – even in the most unexpected of scenarios – continue our core mission of research, service, training, and outreach.

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David Seamans

Whole exome sequencing illuminates genetic condition

If you ask David Seamans what his favorite thing to do is, he’ll pause thoughtfully for a moment before responding, “Everything.”

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Daifeng Wang, PhD

Researchers are using machine learning to understand how brain cells work

Recent advances in genome sciences — the study of an organism’s complete set of DNA — present a golden opportunity to identify the genetic causes and underlying mechanisms of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Marsha Mailick, PhD

Electronic records pin broad set of health risks on genetic premutation

It was long believed the FMR1 premutation — an excessive number of trinucleotide repeats in the FMR1 gene — had no direct effect on the people who carry it.

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Matthew Zammitt and Brad Christian

Mancheski Foundation funds next-gen research on Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s

A gift from the Mancheski Foundation continues to provide integral support to doctoral student Matthew Zammit as he furthers his research on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals with Down syndrome.

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New Funding for Down Syndrome Research and Biobank

The Waisman Center is one of 25 recipients to receive funding through a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant that focuses on advancing research on Down syndrome.

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Deb Weber

CMT advocate will not be sidelined

According to Deb Weber, life is not a spectator sport. “You can sit on the sidelines and watch or you can participate,” she says. Weber has chosen to participate.

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Mom and daughter participate in Wisconsin Promise project

Navigating a Brighter Future for Youth with Disabilities and Their Families

Helping youth with disabilities pursue post-high
school employment and education opportunities
can mean piecing together services from a broad range of
agencies and organizations.

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Richard Morse, MD, and Lawrence Connor, MSW near their home in New Orleans

Major Lifetime Gift Establishes Scholarly Society

The focus of the Morse Society is to generate conversation
across multiple disciplines. “When looking at the whole
matrix of development, I think it’s very narrow to look
at it just from child psychiatry,” Morse says.

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