NBC15 highlights Rett syndrome and Waisman Center research

The Cooper family

NBC15’s Morning Show and reporter Kalie Greenberg shared a story about Laurel Cooper, a 9-year-old girl who has Rett syndrome, and her family. Rett syndrome is a rare, non-inherited neurological disorder that mostly affects girls and causes severe deterioration in their ability to speak, eat, move and even breathe easily. Rett syndrome has no cure.

The NBC15 story also highlights how Waisman Center investigator Qiang Chang, associate professor of medical genetics and neurology, is trying to unravel the molecular mysteries of Rett syndrome. He hopes to develop effective therapies and treatments for Cooper and other patients like her.

Click here to visit the NBC15 website and read the full story and watch the news video.

Click here to read the Waisman Center story about Rett syndrome, the Cooper family and Chang’s research.