Sigan Hartley, PhD – Slide of the Week

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) report elevated parenting stress. The current study examined bidirectional effects between parenting stress and three domains of child functioning (ASD symptoms, internalizing behavior problems, and externalizing behavior problems) across four time points in 188 families of children with ASD (originally aged 5 to 12 yrs).

Managing Threatening Confrontations

Registration begins at 8:45 am. Time includes a one hour lunch break, on your own. Registration Fee: $75 per person Please note that the training will be held at MARC South: 901 Post Rd. Madison. …

Managing Threatening Confrontations – Half Day

Registration Fee: $50 Instructor: Shawn Bass, Waisman Center Community TIES This seminar is similar to the full day in that it is designed to assist you in learning how to effectively support individuals who could …

Seth Pollak, PhD

Children who experience early adversity often develop emotion regulatory problems, but little is known about the mechanisms that mediate this relation. We tested whether general associative learning processes contribute to associations between adversity, in the form of child maltreatment, and negative behavioral outcomes.