$3.4 million directed to key MS study

In an effort to develop new techniques to repair and protect the nervous system in multiple sclerosis patients, including the use of human stem cells, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has awarded $3.4 million to a team of UW-Madison scientists.

UW-Madison gains two new stem cell programs

At a meeting of stem cell researchers in Madison today (April 26), UW-Madison professor of anatomy and neurology Clive Svendsen announced the establishment of a new regenerative medicine program and an interdisciplinary postdoctoral training program that will advance stem cell research across the university.

Medicaid cuts have real meaning

Like millions of families around the country, my son and I paid close attention to the evolving Terri Schiavo story. Our interest went beyond morbid fascination; we had a personal stake in the political maneuvering in Florida and Washington.