Derek Hei, PhD

Title: iPSC derived Optic Vesicles (OVs)/Neural Retinal Progenitors (NRPs) – Production, Characterization and Cryopreservation Legend: 1) Representative pictures of selected OVs derived from iPSCs grown on E8/Matrigel. iPSCs, cultured on E8/Matrigel, mTeSR1/Matrigel, and E8/vitronectin, were …

Vision Research Month

June is Vision Research Awareness Month and the Waisman Center is home to a comprehensive vision research program led by David Gamm, MD, PhD. Gamm, a Waisman Center investigator, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences, and Director of the McPherson Eye Research Institute, studies human retinal development and potential therapies for retinal degenerative diseases.