David Gamm, MD, PhD – Slide of the Week

Title: Investigating Cone Photoreceptor Development using Patient-Derived NRL Null Retinal Organoids Legend: The transcription factor NRL is required for normal rod photoreceptor development. In retinal organoids derived from wildtype, NRL+/+ iPSCs (c-h), 80% of photoreceptors …

Susan Ellis Weismer, PhD – Slide of the Week

In typical development, listeners can use semantic content of verbs to facilitate incremental language processing-a skill that is associated with existing language skills. Studies of children with ASD have not identified an association between incremental language processing in semantically-constraining contexts and language skills, perhaps because participants were adolescents and/or children with strong language skills.

Viji Easwar, PhD – Slide of the Week

EEG is currently the only clinically feasible method to evaluate hearing in infants and children who are unable to participate in behavioral hearing tests. We modified naturally spoken vowels and fricatives to elicit envelope following responses (EFR) at low, mid and high frequencies–the prime spectral regions essential for speech understanding, and speech and language development.

Darcie Moore, PhD – Slide of the Week

Neurogenesis is thought to be sustained throughout life through the constant regulation of neural stem cell (NSC) quiescence exit, a time in which a NSC enters the cell cycle to generate more neural stem cells and/or other neural cell types. One critical component of NSC quiescence exit is the clearance of aggregated proteins.