Waisman postdoctoral fellow receives prestigious Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholar Award

Yu (Kristy) Guo, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Waisman investigator Xinyu Zhao, PhD, professor of neuroscience, was recently selected to receive the prestigious Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholar Award. This award is highly competitive with seven or fewer individuals selected from across the nation each year. The purpose is to support postdoctoral scientists of exceptional creativity in the field of neurosciences and assist them in transitioning from student to independent researcher by establishing their own lab and securing a full-time faculty position.

Childhood maltreatment leads to flattened cortisol rhythms in adolescence, a costly adaptation to an adverse environment

Adolescents who experience sustained childhood maltreatment show high, inflexible cortisol levels that persist throughout the day in different social contexts, a new study shows. This flattened cortisol rhythm may be a pathway for poorer physical and mental health in youth that experience abuse.