Barbara Bendlin, PhD – Slide of the Week

Insulin resistance (IR) has been related to reduced cerebral glucose metabolism in regions identified as hypometabolic in Alzheimer’s clinical syndrome. Insulin secretion (IS) has been less studied than IR despite findings that decreased IS is an early indicator of future type 2 diabetes and a potential predictor of Alzheimer’s clinical syndrome.

New Study Reveals Changes in Key Pathway in Down Syndrome

A new paper published by Anita Bhattacharyya, PhD, assistant professor of cell and regenerative biology at UW-Madison and a Waisman investigator, reveals that the differences in brain structure in individuals with Down syndrome (DS or Trisomy 21) may be due to disrupted signaling pathways that alter brain development to result in the incorrect number or placement of cells in the brain.

The Bone Dysplasia Clinic’s many decades of helping families

The start of the Waisman Center’s Bone Dysplasia Clinic was a case of serendipity. It was 1980 and Richard Pauli, MD, a pediatric geneticist, had just arrived at UW-Madison. Over the course of the year, Pauli settled into his new role at UW Hospital. Then in 1981, he was approached by radiologist Len Langer, MD, with a strange request.