Richard Davidson’s research cited: the effect of meditation on brain

In the first scientific article to come from its pioneering studies of long-term Buddhist meditation practitioners, a UW-Madison team has found that long-term meditators (or “adepts”) show markedly different patterns of brain electrical oscillations compared to a group with no previous meditative experience, when both of them generated a standard meditative practice.

Protox Therapeutics signs manufacturing agreement with Waisman BioManufacturing Facility in Wisconsin

Protox Therapeutics Incorporated (“Protox”) today announced that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with the Waisman Clinical BioManufacturing Facility (WCBF) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to manufacture clinical batches of PSA-PA1, its lead product in development for the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

Discovery may halt progression of Alzheimer’s

In a finding that may cause a dramatic shift in the way scientists and researchers search for a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, a team of researchers led by Jeff Johnson, an associate professor at the School of Pharmacy, has discovered that increased expression of a protein called transthyretin in the brain appears to halt the progression of the disease.